Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling Slack....

I must admit to feeling a bit slack in that my own website hasn't been updated in about ten years – but then it occurs to me that people would not have the slightest idea of my capacity to write lyrically if I did not include some of my poetry – so I thought I would at least include a link to the un-updated website so that there is instant access to the old poetry; and then if I score any significant recognition for recent poems I will wack them on this blogsite until I can get around to doing a major overhaul of the website.


The other slackness I considered in relation to this blog was that it does not have some of the beautiful visuals contributed by some of my blog colleagues such as Catherine and Margo (listed previously below) – Isn't the blue in the sky of Catherine's photo of the old Fremantle jail just the best blue???

Anyway – so here goes my first attempt to add a visual to the blog. It's a shot of Brighton Beach where I used to walk every morning before I got a regular job way out in Melbourne's south where I used to drive ev'ry morning (and so I stopped walking L) Now ; today in fact, I am actually going to start walking again! Yea. Anyway – here is my photo of Brighton Beach...


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