Monday, May 10, 2010

The Harlem Gospel Choir : Hamer Hall : Arts Centre, Melbourne...

As previously stated, I ventured out into the afternoon of the following day, with a friend of the angel variety to attend the Harlem Gospel Choir at Hamer Hall in the Arts Centre in Melbourne. I was a difficult audience – as barely twelve members bounced onto the stage (I had seen about 150 in New York) and they launched into some fairly populist fare (admittedly they had advertised that this would be partly a tribute to Michael Jackson) but both the angel and I missed some of the more traditional gospel material ( we had been spoilt by being involved in a recent Tony Backhouse Gospel singing workshop weekend) and I thought the dance moves came embarrassingly close to an appearance on Hey Hey – but the angel thought they saved themselves a bit by coming down into the audience and I thought Melbourne saved itself by an incredibly good performance whenever the microphone was pointed in their direction – especially little Oscar (who must have been all of seven!!). A relatively early evening as the angel needs to minister to a sick bunny (yes- a real one) on the domestic front, not to mention herself. More novel, adventures and the world lie ahead...



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