Saturday, August 28, 2010

The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life – Film..

I found this French film from the writer/director Ŕemi Beanc̗on intriguing. The first quarter of the film initially engaged the professional me; that part that is a child and adolescent psychologist; with an impressionistic overlay of happily narcissistic and negligent parenting and spends the rest of the film unfolding the effect of this on the three children and even in a somewhat family therapy and Lacanian way showing how this bad habit of self absorption can be traced back three generations. However, I don't want to make the film sound heavy or preachy. It remains light and real and the only heaviness is the dramatically impactful incidents which evolve from these well sketched dynamics. Besides, the musical me was delighted by a perfect scene from the late 70's which had me reflecting that I had not played air guitar with quite such élan and enthusiasm since exactly that time. Also note the plot line that follows one of the male brothers frustrating failure to follow through on a truly kismetic introduced love interest. Superb, light but deep film about what carelessly inattentive parenting can do to all those (or that's the joke isn't it? – uninvolved with the result). Depths left unexplored in The Movie Show. Four stars from me. Beautiful.


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