Sunday, October 17, 2010

Amberley 2010...

At the end of a long writing session and a week after the end of another Amberley I am left only with vague impressions. I was tired after a week of Family Therapy Conference here in Melbourne so that left me depleted from a personal perspective. The concert seemed both more professional and yet somehow less inspiring than last year. I was personally pleased that we learned "Over Yonder" because I like it but some people were over it because of an impression they had that Richard pushed us through it a bit hard and that that won't entirely pay off at singing because not everyone could go to Amberley. I would like more people to sing "a song" at the concert because I think it gives us a better understanding of the range of learning and learning needs in the group for the year ahead. I'm just grisly cos I missed out on scrabble this year. Love and hugs. Let's gird our loins and sing our little hearts we did last summer..


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