Monday, December 20, 2010

Went to church on Sunday !!!!

Went to church on Sunday to sing at a service for the church attached to our little hall where our Soulsong singing group has practised and rehearsed for several years now. It was a strange mixed occasion (for me). I thought our singing was lovely. A bit rusty on Amazing Grace (because we hadn't warmed up – many were wandering in slightly late – bit of a shambles guys – but warm and lovely once we were all there) but the Ale was fantastic just a lovely and warm harmony, really appreciated by us and the small congregation of the church. Just stunning – wish we'd recorded it. I felt sad a little for the small and ageing congregation in the church but there's not much I can do about that – except to posit the possibility that if we sang there on a regular basis we might increase the size of the congregation – but a bit of a huge ask of the other members of Soulsong who lead full and active lives. Then we kind of went on to top it when Liz and Jo and Stella sang the loveliest high descant to an old English Hymn at the end of the service. OK – I cried. It was like that. Thank you Soulsingers for a lovely mornings singing – Richard had us do "Over Yonder" on the steps but it was a bit cold and windy and we had no audience except a few wandering shoppers on a Sunday morning. But it was followed by a pleasant coffee/brunch/breakfast at Loco's in Glenhuntly Road in Elsternwick. And a pretty happy and lovely bunch we were. Thank you to all for making Jinty welcome – she'd driven a couple of hours from the country, early in the morning to hear us. She thought it was worth it and so did I. Really looking forward to our end of year party. Feeling warm, thank you, on a cold Melbourne summer's day.


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