Thursday, September 01, 2011

Page One – Inside The New York Times – Film:
Last night I took a little break from marking and met my daughter for dinner in Carlton and then went to a movie. We were both tired and just chose the one that we liked the best that was starting soonest after we arrived at the theatre. This just happened to be: Page One – Inside The New York Times.
A wonderful and intriguing little doco which traces a path of some very traditional and then very unlikely journalistic characters through their life and times and various assignments at the New York Times newspaper within the context of both the Global Financial Crisis and the reflexive impact of new technology on the sales, impact and culture of newspapers now.
I have just told the story over lunch and a friend has described my rendition as powerful and beautiful and moving but I gave away lots of secrets (including the ending) in the telling so I do not intend to do that again here. What I do intend to do is recommend that you see this little gem, majorly for the humanity and edge of the seat ride through the experiences of young and old, stars and unknown, and unknown who are stars by the end of the film. We were both tired when we began to watch this but energised and enthused by the end.


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