Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glen & Lyndon share a Men’s Night Out at the Opera...16 10 2010..

Thank you Glen for sharing with me the extraordinary experience of attending the Italian Restaurant Il Locale (582 St Kilda Road, Melbourne) and to being treated to 4 Hours of accessible, superb, warm and engaging opera (yes, that's right, Opera). And yes, I know I'm not known for being an opera fan. Glen is much more an opera fan than I am and knew virtually all the songs performed. These songs, all 14 of them, (Yes, how about that, an album's worth) were performed by Quattro Voci, Catherine Northey, Soprano, Lynlee Williams, Mezzo Soprano, Paul Batey, Tenor, Cosimo Ciccone, Baritone and Tamara Vasilevitsky, pianist. Now I had heard Catherine perform once previously and her purity of voice had amazed me, but it was still pretty cheeky of me to initiate hasty invitations to this performance on the basis of this slim experience. Glen says it was well worth it and I tend to agree. I could attempt to describe this performance but instead I will attempt to attach one song: The Flower Duet from Lakme by Delibes performed by Catherine Northey and Lynlee Williams in a listenable form at the top of this blog entry. It was essentially the warmth and energy of this performance and how the singers engaged with each other and their audience which won me over. It was midnight by the time we hit the streets – and one further small note because I know some of our choir group run marathons – Catherine (who appears to be bucking for Australia's next sainthood) had performed the night before as well as this all of Saturday night performance, was off to do a sleep over with the Special Ed kids she teaches and then riding with them around the Bay the following day!!!!


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