Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lyndon reads his poem "Compassionate" for his father at the Anzac Day Reading at Passionate Tongues in the Brunswick Hotel, Monday 25th April 2011. Lyndon also read as part of the featured reading the poem "Beach Burial" by Kenneth Slessor, Collected in "The Golden Apples of the Sun - Twentieth Century Australian Poetry" Edited by Chris Wallace Crabbe, published by Melbourne University Press (1981). "Compassionate" by Lyndon Walker is Collected in "So Many Rivers, So Much To Learn" published by Five Islands Press (2000). Thanks to Michelle Leber for this photo.
Michelle also read a moving poem for her father, again on the effects of war on fathers and families.

So Many Rivers, So Much To Learn  is available from Collected Works Bookshop, specialising in Poetry at Upstairs, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Solidifying for me is an opinion that the best readings in Victoria are occurring outside of the City (or the CBD anyway). Attended a wonderful reading at the WORDTREE in Upwey today, where featured reader, Claire Gaskin gave a sensitive reading of new work, teasing an upcoming new book from John Leonard Press. This was admirably supported by an open section of strength and diversity. Maurice McNamara, Jennifer Compton, Michelle Lieber and Catherine Bateson stood out for me. Following on from the stunning performances at the Guildford readings near Castlemaine I truly recommend trekking out of the city for a surprising and uplifting poetry experience.


Agree with my friend Carmen that Carey Mulligan and the scenery were the saving graces of "NEVER LET ME GO" (Nova, last night). I have been a big fan of Kazuo Ishiguro since "THE REMAINS OF THE DAY" (1989 Booker Prize). Adored both film and book but the heavyweight stars of that film far outshone the somewhat weaker performances in "Never Let Me Go" (in my humble opinion).