Friday, June 25, 2010

My limited understanding of the vision of Australian politics of the moment...

Extraordinary events. Sure Kevin Rudd had gone a touch rogue and far too self referential – he was essentially an egotist pushing socialist ideals but the whole community had not quite bought the package and when it came time to siphon off huge portions of cash from elements which are corpratised and dedicated to making and keeping huge portions of cash or shipping it off to overseas interests then these elements collided enormously in a war like way. Combine this with union interests who saw their high cash return jobs in the mining industry threatened by such legislation and you have an unholy alliance formed in hell. Exit Kevin. Used and naive to the end and perhaps uninsightful as to the ends for which he had been used.

Anyway, I don't envy Julia being handed this basket of poison apples and being told Kevin was already dead, the decision had been made, does she want the prize. Even if the greens were a bunch of crooks they would look cleaner to me than both the major sides of politics at the moment.

I think it is sad that this is how we have come by our first female Prime Minister.

I do think her negotiating and mediation skills are exemplary. My understanding of life is that we are always marked in our arrival at a final destination by the path we have followed to get there.

Just in case my reasoning was too complex and my politics unclear I do want to venture my vision of Tony Abbot and crew as little better than aggressive, regressive sexist apes with machetes. These guys couldn't come up with a positive or constructive idea to save themselves (or us). They know only how to slash burn, vilify and destroy. My state of Victoria is still suffering from the amount of public programs decimated when Jeff Kennett and the Liberals held power here decades ago.

No wonder my heart goes with singing these days. Let's go choir angels. Let us make more beautiful music.



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