Monday, June 07, 2010

We apologise for this break in transmission...

My apologies for this minor break in transmission. A minor low has swept in across the coast and caused a area of depression to settle on the author. It has also rained quite a lot. These factors appear to have been aggravated by a loss of faith in some of my species.

However I did go to a poetry reading in the mountains (near Melbourne) on Saturday afternoon, at the Word Tree - Burrinja Gallery & Cafe, Cnr Matson Drive & Glenfern Road Upwey, 3pm to 5pm,(Usually the first Saturday of every month I think). This week the readers were Andy Jackson from Melbourne and Aidan Coleman from South Australia. I was again surprised by the quality of this reading. I continue to be surprised by the quality of readings at The Word Tree. Andy was actually previewing a new small book to be launched very soon and it stands already now as a testament to hard work and dedication to craft as a writer. The images were sharp and striking and nothing but the cleanest lines remained. The knife of these images cut sharply and deeply. Congratulations Andy and may the little boat of your new book sail well for you into the world. There was an open section of a dozen readers either side of the featured poets – the open readers courteous to their audience, sparing of ego and large on quality of work and delivery. It meant that the organisers, MC's, Catherine Bateson and Lia Hills did not have to work hard to discipline this small mob of writers. This reading was soft and strong. Many thanks.


You must excuse me now while I retreat into my cave for another few years. My heart is sore and I need to rest. Hope the sun is out when I come out. I might even manage to get some writing done.


Blogger Andy said...

Thanks for your thoughtful words on the Word Tree gig! I loved absorbing the Pound poem you did too (weird, sounds like a mispronounced found poem...). While the room itself can feel tricky to read in, the quality of the poetry for the whole afternoon pretty much never flags. It's a quality room.

11:19 am  

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