Friday, October 22, 2010

Rough Live Blues : Santucci's Cafe & Bar : Thursday 21 10 20

Lyndon Walker tests microphones and sound system at Santucci’s on Thursday night by clapping and singing the Son House Mississippi Delta blues gospel classic Whose That Writing?- John The Revelator, which he had been learning. (Thinks it’s inane to say Test One, Test Two interminably into microphones). Gets such a good audience response goes on to sing Don’t Explain by Arthur Herzog and Billie Holliday, which he had also been learning. Gaylene holds up lyric sheet while Lyndon plays blues harp and sings. Then Gaylene joins him in a reprise of the Warren Zevon song Carmelita as sung by both Linda Ronstadt and Warren Zevon.


Blogger Nicola said...

Hi Lyndon,

what a beautifully powerful voice you have! Very moving/stirring.

Cheers, :) Michael

2:46 pm  

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