Monday, February 21, 2011

30 POEMS FROM THE GHINKO : Sunday 20th February 2011 : Williamstown Beach

Melbourne summer beach
Rain & Clouds
The seasons move south.

The ancient tradition of Haiku
Now in Australia
Four poets meet.

Cold wind
Outside the cafe
A dog waits

Wind & rain bend trees
The car Park
Where we used to meet

On a wild day
The old baths in the waves
All at sea

Seven distinct shades of green
In this cold and wind I paint in my mind
Just leaves

Under this tar
And before the cars – just sand
And an absent people

Sanpellergrino limonata
You bring your peace
To the red star cafe

White castle on a grey line
The ship on the horizon

Bring me your poor
Your huddled seagulls

Grey clouds sea and tar
On the road
The red car

Windy washed sheets
Banging on the modern window glass

Tiny forest in the park

Traffic divider
Like a grave

Williamstown Lacrosse Club
A red ball
Rolls the grass

Such a strong wind
Magpies chat on the deck
Out the back

Lighter and butt
Cohabit the grass
A dying breed

The ship of the old baths is beached
No more swimmers

Christmas is gone
The trees still wrapped in plastic

Nothing but wind in the trees
Then high up
A jet

Australian summer park
Above the succulents
Spiky palms

A boab in Williamstown
No noticeable enlightenment

The urban boab
More space for graffiti

A single boab in a desert of green

The boab remembers centuries
The graffiti
Written by teenage goldfish

Green grey green yellow brown shade
My eyes go back to their starting point
In the gardens

A fig
A long way
From Moreton bay

White statue on a plinth
One history, one life
Five lines

Outside the restaurant
Blue chairs, white tables
Black & white umbrella trees
By Schweppes

Old man, young girl
Good luck.



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