Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yes, the Japan news is terrible – and made worse by the way the Japanese do business with each other – the bureaucrats in the power company will lie to the government (so as not to lose face) and then when another explosion happens they will apologise and promise that they will not let another one happen and then it will and so the process goes on – it’s a terrible process for transparency in government. In the old days finally the bureaucrats would have committed suicide – but these days they will put thousands of lives at risk in the process. It’s essentially cultural and very ingrained but in the current situation it is incredibly unhelpful and a disaster in so many more ways than one. Makes one pale and shaky to think about it.

P.S. The shortsightedness and inadequacy of organisations like the APS in fostering a cringing dependence on Americanised kindergarten psychology like CBT is revealed in how it fails to understand the psychology of culture (See below). Only a Psychoanalytic approach through a lens such as that provided by Wilfred Bion could be of any help here. Of course the stupidity of the APS has devalued if not virtually eliminated such knowledge from our learning and culture



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